Easy as pie!

Healthy deconstructed chicken pie! What you need: 8 chicken thighs 2 Tbs olive oil 4 garlic cloves 2 large carrots chopped 100g mushrooms chopped 3 sprigs rosemary Coarse salt and pepper Puff pastry… Continue reading

Quick Recipe: Lentil Tomato Mustard Salad

Keep it light and hassle-free with this lentil salad! Low in calories and high in nutrition! What you need (4 people): 200g lentils cooked* 1 red onion 3 ripe tomatoes Handful fresh baby spinach… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 12: Wintertime Osso Bucco

Happy Winter everyone! Wintertime calls for that warm tingly feeling you get when digging into a big pot of… well anything that has cooked for hours! And osso bucco is one of those… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 11 – Healthy Calamari Paella

Here’s a quick dinner recipe, that I posted on Instagram, that never made it to my blog. What you need: 1 tbs butter 1 red onion 1/4 cup pine nuts 200g brown wild… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 10 – I’m back!

After a very long intermission from my Cookbook Journey, I’m hopefully back for good! I’m very disappointed that I let so many things get in the way of my plan and the momentum… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 9: Quick Summer Spaghetti

Happy Monday! Many of you may recall my post promoting the Greetalian pasta sauce range. And after holding my breath for about two months, I finally have an influx of orders. I hope you… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 8: You can be 80 percent all of the time

Hi all! I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last post! So much happening between renovations, moving out of my parents’ house (after 28 years), the online shop and the Cookbook… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 7: To do or to be

Lately I get up in the mornings torn between the desire to “do” and the desire to just “be”. Now I’m sure many of you share this feeling of waking up on a… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 6: Delicious Strawberries

I’m so grateful and motivated by the support that I’ve received since announcing that I’m doing this cookbook. And even more excited that so many of you want to be part of my… Continue reading

Cookbook Journey 5: Recipe Tester Anyone?  

There’s no doubt that recipes have never been easier to find. Although I still love to dig through cookbooks, magazines and stacks of lose papers with hand written family recipes, most of the… Continue reading