Cookbook Journey 10 – I’m back!

After a very long intermission from my Cookbook Journey, I’m hopefully back for good! I’m very disappointed that I let so many things get in the way of my plan and the momentum that I gained towards the end of last year.

Without getting into too much detail on why I’ve been MIA… I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend, where we spent close on four months renovating the place and I’m happy to say that the result is a beautiful home and the kitchen of my dreams.

We then took an unforgettable trip to France (Paris and Chamonix) and I played in the snow like a kid for the first time… And of course we ate an abundance of cheese, baguettes and pastries! If you’ve never been to France  – go! Look at this food!!!

IMG_0780    IMG_0399


IMG_0675  IMG_0395

With the move and being back at the office (I work at a Corporate Finance firm, if I’ve never mentioned that before), my days are long and my evenings are short after traffic and making a quick dinner. So I’m going to have to work some late nights on the cookbook if I want to keep everything going at the same time.

For the rest of this week, I’ll be posting a few quick week night dinners from my Instagram account that never made it to the blog.



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