Cookbook Journey 8: You can be 80 percent all of the time

Hi all! I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last post! So much happening between renovations, moving out of my parents’ house (after 28 years), the online shop and the Cookbook Journey. It’s a time of big change in my life.

And change, whether good or bad, makes you ask yourself questions: “Will everything go as planned?”  “Can I do this?” “Did we choose the right wall paint colour?”

But it mostly got me thinking: “Why is my cookbook going to be a success?” “Why will it be different to any other Greek or Italian book out there?” “Why will people choose to read mine every day?”

In celebration of spring, I decided that a little spring cleaning is in order and that my cookbook is also going to have to face some changes.


I’m sure you’ve come across the saying,”You can’t be 100 percent all of the time, but you can be 80 percent all of the time” or you probably know of the famous 80/20 rule. I think it was actually named after the Italian economist, Pareto, who observed that 80% of income in Italy was received by 20% of the Italian population. But for lifestyle and health purposes, it simply explains how a restrictive lifestyle/diet is not sustainable and that you should aim to be healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time.

So for the next few months (and for inclusion in my cookbook), 80% of the time: I will be focusing on clean eating and good-for-you foods (with a touch of Greek/Italian) and 20% of the time: I will throw in the good-old indulgent recipes. Because, although it would be nice to eat pizza, pasta and pita bread every day, that too is unsustainable.


For the non-mathematicians

If you eat 3 meals a day –

Healthy 80% – 17 meals per week

Indulgent 20% – 4 meals per week

If you eat five small meals a day –

Healthy 80% – 28 small meals per week

Indulgent 20% – 7 small meals per week


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