Cookbook Journey 4: Time for a cleanse


Happy Monday! Now I know I’ve just come back from a 7 day holiday – an absolutely amazing and restful week with lots of peace and quiet. It was definitely a needed cleanse for my mind…

… but when I rest, I eat! A lot! Mornings were spent having fresh croissants and baguettes with cheese and jam, followed by seafood, fish of the day, burgers, afternoon chocolate pancakes not to mention wine, cocktails, beer. And repeat x 7. So I definitely think I need a body cleanse.




If you are also in need of a Monday cleanse after the busy weekend, here is a recipe that I’m definitely going to try: Kale and Lentil Salad with Avocado Dressing. It should give you lots of energy and leave you feeling great for the start of the week!


Update on Cookbook Journey

Before I went away, I was spinning trying to keep up with work, the daily blog posts, the recipe testing, the photo shoots, a personal life and all the ideas in my head. It was pretty overwhelming, especially since I felt so behind on everything.

Now that the holiday is over, I really need to plan and pace myself. Luckily I am a planner and organiser at heart and I love LISTS as much as I love food! So in an attempt to get organised I have started some lists: lists of recipes, timelines, inspirational ideas and a collection of notes that I ‘ve made over the years.

But I’ve learnt that it’s not only important to plan for work that needs to be done. It’s even more important to plan for a healthier lifestyle. So my master plan will include the following:

  1. Making time for exercise
  2. Preparing healthy meals daily
  3. Taking small mental breaks in the day
  4. And switching off for at least an hour in the evenings before bed

I think this approach will get me to the end of the year comfortably!

Come back tomorrow to see how you can be part of my Cookbook Journey.


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