Cookbook Journey 3: Behind the scenes


Happy Friday! And an extra happy Friday to me! Tomorrow I will be in sunny Mauritius, with cocktail in hand, beach sand at feet and a big smile on my face! It’s my second trip to Mauritius in less than a year and I can definitely see myself getting used to this!

So week one of my Cookbook Journey is complete and all in all I think it’s been a successful week. One photo shoot down and many more to go!

I must admit it’s not so easy to decide on the look and feel of a book. As much as I wanted the pictures to look good, I also didn’t want them to look too staged. I mean no one sits down to eat a bowl of pasta with a clove of garlic and a flower placed next to the bowl.

Luckily we have the most interesting props at home, so for this first shoot and probably the next couple we have more than enough to make it work!

IMG_5793 IMG_5768

Just to give you some background, if you are wondering where all these props have come from… For one, we live in a house that my grandfather built and my father grew up in. So we have inherited, or should I say the house has inherited many interesting pieces over the years. Two, my dad, who is in construction, has a yard which is basically a dumping ground for anything old and broken and three, my mother has a habit of saving/restoring anything old and broken and using it in ways you wouldn’t normally think of.


It’s been great to work with my little sister and surprisingly she doesn’t seem so little anymore. Her input has been amazing! So excited for you to see what we have come up with. See you in a week!



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