Banana Ricotta Toasts with Almond and Honey

As a kid I was never really a fan of banana and would only eat it if it was slightly under ripe and close to green in skin colour.

This all changed when Milky Lane introduced banana and bar-one waffles. Now I easily eat a banana a day. Unfortunately my daily banana fix doesn’t come with a side of waffles and bar-one chocolate sauce. Well not every day…

But on weekends you’re allowed to ignore the kilojoules and eat for pure pleasure!

And having toast (instead of waffles) doesn’t need to be boring. Adding a few tasty toppings can completely transform the simplest breakfast.

Happy Banana Monday!


What you need:

Bread of your choice

2 bananas

2 tbs ricotta cheese

2 tsp honey

Almond flakes for topping (can also use pecan nuts and/or dates instead)








2 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds incredible! A sweet treat!

    1. greetalian says:

      And so quick and easy to make!!! Hope you enjoy it!!

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