Tastes like Greek to me

It’s was a crazy month of sunshine, thundershowers and power failures! January was a very busy month! And I’m a little nervous as to what’s in store for this month.

My attempt to not think about life for a while included a spring clean of my cooking magazines and recipe collections. I’m sure you’ll agree that this type of exercise (looking at pages and pages of food) can’t be done without some snacks… So in an effort to stay healthy, I replaced chips and dip with tzatziki and crudité.

This avocado tzatziki recipe happened to be an accident. I had some leftover avocado in the fridge, so I mixed it in.

Picture4What you need:

250ml greek yoghurt

1 avocado

2 mini cucumbers

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 lime

Handful of mint, roughly chopped

Course salt and ground pepper

What you do:

Roughly mash avocado with a fork and add to the yoghurt. Grate and strain cucumbers from all excess liquid, add to the yoghurt. Add all remaining ingredients and mix until evenly combined. Store in fridge prior to serving or serve immediately.

Best enjoyed with slightly toasted pita bread.






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