Summer Lime Chicken Salad

With the start of a new year, most people are looking for recipes that are slightly healthier than the usual and deciding on lunch proves to be a challenge, especially with one sister on a detox, one sister on a diet and my mom who doesn’t eat red meat.

So without being too fanatical, I think this recipe is perfect following all the holiday indulgences.

I guess we can call it Summer Lime Chicken Salad…


What you need (six persons):

3 avocados

3 red onions

250g rosa tomatoes

2 pineapples

10 limes

Six chicken breasts


Mixed Italian greens

Olive oil


Coarse salt and ground pepper, seasoning

What you do:

Prepare the fruit and vegetables – cut the tomatoes in half, finely chop the red onion, cube the avocado and slice the pineapples.



Marinate the chicken breasts in olive oil, rosemary and the juice from 3 or 4 limes. Season with salt, pepper and paprika. We decided to place the chicken breasts on the outdoor gas braai but you can cook them on a grill or in a large frying pan.


And he can cook!


Slightly grill the pineapples until soft.


And Enjoy! I’m sure you agree that there is nothing better than a light carefree summer lunch with the family!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ema Jones says:

    I would love to stir-fry this and use this as filling in my corn tortilla for a yummy brunch 😛

    1. greetalian says:

      That sounds amazing. If you do try it, would love to hear how it turned out!

  2. Janessa says:

    This sounds and looks amazing! Definitely going to pin this for our next summer BBQ. Thanks for sharing!

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