Rustic Olive and Caper Spaghetti

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I’m sure you can agree that there’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of pasta. Coming from an Italian family, we love to eat bowls and bowls of different kinds of pasta. If you’ve seen the Disney movie, Ratatouille, you might remember the food critic’s flash back to childhood when he has his first spoon of ratatouille. For me, pasta gives me that childhood comfort feeling. As a result, my blog will probably be dominated by all kinds of pasta. I’m addicted!

If you’re looking for fast comfort, this recipe is easy, quick and simple. You can basically just chop and chuck in any leftover vegetables and it’ll taste perfectly delicious.

Rustic Olive and Caper Spaghetti

What you need (4 persons):

200g Olives

100g Capers

250g Assorted cherry tomatoes

100 ml Olive oil

1 tsp butter

1 block stock


Pecorino shavings

Coarse salt and ground pepper for seasoning

250g Spaghetti

Pic 1

Pic 2

What you do:

Add butter and olive oil to a large pan, then add tomatoes and sauté. Add the stock with 125ml water, let cook for a few minutes then cover pan with lid in order to retain the juices. Add the olives and capers and let cook on low heat. If the sauce looks too dry, add more water or olive oil and let simmer for a few minutes. Roughly break basil leaves into the sauce and season.

pic 3

In a separate pot cook the spaghetti al dente. Once cooked, fork out the spaghetti (do not drain), add directly into the sauce pan and mix with sauce. The reason for not draining the spaghetti completely, is to not dry out the pasta. Any water that holds onto the pasta will add to the sauce. This should always be the case if you are having a light pasta with not too much sauce.

Finally garnish with pecorino shavings and basil and serve from pan.

pic 5


2 Comments Add yours

  1. This looks like so many of the dishes I saw in Italy, full of great ingredients!

    1. greetalian says:

      Thanks Kari! I like to think it’s a close second to the dishes in Italy haha 🙂

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