Creamy Mushrooms on Toast


Good morning and Happy Sunday!

If you’ve just woken up and you’re thinking about Sunday Brunch… BUT… want to chill out in your pjs and drink bottomless tea/coffee all morning.

Why not try out this quick and easy recipe: Creamy Mushrooms on Toast – Sure to become your go-to recipe!

What you need (2 persons):

500g Mushrooms

1 tsp butter

125 ml Cream

Chives, for garnishing

What you do:

Add butter and mushrooms to a large pan on medium heat and sauté the mushrooms until soft. Lower the heat and add cream. Season to taste. Place mushrooms on freshly made toast and garnish with chives.

Add bacon for an extra crunch or adapt the recipe to make a sauce for grilled steak or chicken.

mush 2

Mushrooms 1

mush 3




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